The most unique tree on our property comes down

Today was a hard day for me. We have this old box elder tree, half of it's dead or hallow, so I knew it needed to come down, but I'm going to miss it. The last few times we have had storms, we have had large sections come out. This was yesterday's storm. We are always lucky the one section the could go over the power lines seems to be pretty sturdy. (We did not cut that section today as our neighbors are having a graduation party and we didn't want to have to haul our generator over because we cut their power, though it is still on a trailer from when we built the chicken coop)

I didnt know this, but my husband who has dabbled in work working told me that every single box elder has a red streak inside, which makes for some interesting work. 
Ours is no different 
different sections of the tree have different style streaks 
this one is my favorite. I'm interested to see what project comes out of my husband's handiwork on this one. 

We plan to plant another tree here. We have talked corkscrew, another box elder, a tulip or a willow, but havent decided yet. 


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