Tying up Tomatoes

Everyone has their own unique ways of trellising tomatoes, this is my budget method. 

But first- why?
Trellising tomatoes allows airflow through the plant, which helps keep it healthier and makes it easier to pick tomatoes, and spot issues- like those pesky tomato horn worms (buy a black light flash light and do your search in the evening- those suckers glow! Saves hours of looking over your tomato plants).  I have left tomato plants just do their thing in the past, so I know firsthand how much of a pain it can be to harvest from unruly plants. 

So I have my tomatoes lined up with my t posts that my cattle panel arches are on, so we put a second post on the edge of the garden and ran a wire towards the top.  Then, I took twine and tied a piece to the wire and a piece to a stronger stem. As I see limbs that need some help, I add twine or tighten up the pieces. (Wait until you start running twine to put up the wire so noone gets clotheslined unintentionally)

Happy growing!


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