Asparagus Woes

A 3 years ago, I planted asparagus roots on the edge of my garden, and these thin little stalks appeared. Then the rain season came, and I learned to survey the area before planting, because they sat in water for a while. Last year, we added more dirt to the area, and only a few stalks came up. They were still pretty thin, so I wasn't expecting much this year. 

I was checking over my garden and pulling weeds when I found a single asparagus spear, thick enough that I would pick, but it's not worth picking a single spear. I looked for the other spears, and found 3 more thin ones. Oh well. I'll let the one go to seed and hope for more in the future. 
Thankfully, my grandparents have added to their asparagus patch grow over the years so they have enough for all of the family to pick and even get some to freeze. (My grandfather would find asparagus in the ditches planted by the birds and dig it up and bring it home to add to their patch) I still would like to have my own asparagus patch. I'd like to eventually harvest enough for my family for a year.


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