Chasing Chickens

I've always liked the idea of free range chickens, however, I know the reality of it isnt as glamorous. Attracting more predators, the chickens getting into the neighbors yard (we live on a long, narrow acre.) And of course the chicken poop all over, especially where my child likes to play. So that's not ideal. 
So we created a chicken run, a fenced in area for them. And within a day, the grass was gone. I feel bad for them, they love grass, so I thought if I can let them our for a little while under supervision,  it'll be okay. 

So i let the coop door open yesterday morning. All but 1 found their way out, and they started to explore.  The rooster panicked as all the hems started to spread out. I had to keep them from getting into the neighbors taller grass that needs mowed, as well as the field. I ended up chasing them back into the coop after about a half hour of this, and it was some work to get them back in. 

The rooster was happier to be able to better protect his ladies. 

However,  this morning,  I went out to uncover the nesting boxes (they started out sleeping in them, and I prefer if the didn't so the eggs arent dirty and I'm not cleaning the boxes every morning in effort to keep eggs clean.) One of my hems noticed the door was open and ran out. 3 others followed. I got the 3 back in fairly quickly, but that first one that ran out did not want to go back in. My toddler was laughing at me as I was chasing this chicken around. She tried to run it around too. Eventually, I caught the chicken put her in the coop.

Luckily, my boss has livestock too. I couldn't imagine telling someone who didn't I was a few minutes late because I was chasing chickens!

I'm thinking about adding a second pasture or maybe making a chicken tractor. Gotta do something, these chickens want to roam!


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