Chicken Dreams coming true!

I've wanted chickens for a while now, I just had to get my husband on board. 

Last year, our neighbors went out of town and asked us to care for their chickens, and Hubby got his first taste of chicken keeping. He didn't like the roosters, but enjoyed the ducks. (okay, I can compromise, we can get ducks. I will still get fresh eggs!)

This spring, I get a text from a friend. She went to the hatchery with another friend and came home with a bunch of baby chicks, and realized she's bad at chicken math, and needs to get rid of a few of her older hens, but they are still laying, so she doesn't want to butcher. She was willing to give them to me- as many as I wanted.  I told her I would talk to Hubby. Hubby couldn't argue with free layers, so we started planning to build a coop.

The price of lumber is through the roof, so we decided to use as much salvaged wood as we could find that is still quality. We talk to my dad. He suggested our old playhouse. This playhouse frame was built for a VBS my mom headed up that we stapled cardboard on for an activity where we kids "built the church". Then it was brought home and my dad put plywood and siding on and set up on stilts for my brother and I to have a "treehouse" since we didnt have a good tree to put a treehouse in. 

Its been sitting and needs some work, so we ripped the roof off and brought it home. The one thing we knew we wanted was to be able to walk in the coop to make it easy to clean. So we added to the frame to make it the height we wanted, sided, shingled, and painted. Then we got the fencing from when we had goats growing up. They were bright yellow (they were for safety at a factory before they were for goats) and starting to rust, so we rattle canned them silver. 

Theres still some touch ups we need to do and by no means is this a perfect, but its move in ready, and my friend was available today, so we went over there, with the intention of 12 gens, no roosters. I came home with 13 hens and a rooster (Hubby was sold on the protectiveness and the coloring of this one) the extra hen was snuck in, chicken math, I'm telling you 🤣

My friend hooked me up with a variety. 
My toddler is so excited to have these chickens in her backyard, as am I.

  Let the chicken adventures begin!


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