More Seed Starting.. my seed collection

Hey friends!

These are the seeds I received from my Grandpa's collection or my own that I am planting this year.

Vegetables & Herbs


Broccoli- never grown before, decided to throw grandpas seed in and try. 

Carrots- I have never successfully grown carrots. Either the soil isnt ideal or the pests get them. So when I decided to put a few raddish seeds in a pot, I decided to throw in a few carrot seeds, just to try to give them more ideal growing conditions than I seem to be able to outside. 

Cilantro- from the plant I had last year. 

Cherry Tomato-Personally, I like a classic grape tomato over a classic cherry. Its personal preference though. Can't argue free seeds, so I have these this year.

Cucumber- burpless beauty. A favorite of mine. I usually direct sow some as I am planting starts from nursery. 

Dill- Seeds from pack I got last year that did really well 


Lavender-english lavender

Leeks-never grown before but my in laws have. 

Lettuce- baby romaine- love

Mint-tried to grow last year by direct sowing and didnt take off

Okra- baby bubba hybrid. I don't remember Grandpa ever growing Okra, or even making it for dinner, so I'm guessing he was given this seed. I've never had okra, so this is entirely an experiment. I plan to try to learn different ways to cook it to see if my family actually likes it. If we don't, they will be picked and given away, and the leftover seed I have will go to a seed swap.

Onions-Golden grande. I've never started onions from seed before, always from sets. I still got some sets from the local nursery. 


Peppers- bell & sweet banana. I plan to buy some jalapenos starts too. 

Pumpkins- big max. I've never grown giants before, but hubby wants to carve one if I can grow it. 

Raddishes- I decided to try to get a head start on my raddish season by planting them in a big pot. I also threw in a few carrot seeds. 

Sage-new for me.

Spinach -love

Sweet Corn- I was hoping to get some American Dream sweet corn(its so sweet, you don't even need to add butter), but this is good corn too, so this year we are using up this seed. If I have some extra bean seeds that I may let grow in between the corn and then cut off at the ground so the roots can help add more nitrogen to the soil since corn is a heavy nitrogen feeder. Spreading lime also helps.

Thyme- creeping 

Watermelon- Another one I haven't had much luck with. Growing up, we had a dog that loved it and would eat it as soon as it started to get ripe. 

Zucchini-green dragon- like cucumbers, I usually direct sow as I am planting starts from the nursery. This year I'm growing my own starts. 


Chamomile- love chamomile tea in the evening. So the old seeds I had didn't germinate, so I pulled out a new tea bag and opened it and planted. They have since germinated. 

Impatiens - red, new for me

Nasturtiums- Alaskan dwarf & jewel mix, I've never grown nasturtiums before, but am told that they attract some of the bad bugs, so maybe if I monitor the nasturtiums, I can get rid of the pests before they get to my vegetables. 

Purple coneflowers- new for me

Snapdragons-new for me

Sunflowers- I saved seeds from my Yellow Russian Giants and plan to mix the other varieties I have gotten this year into the sunflower patch.

Tithonian Sundance - new for me

Trailing soapwort-new for me

Zinnias- State fair mix and smoothie mix. I am thinking I will put a couple in the garden, but most will be around the house.

As you can see, I really dove in. I have more plants planted now than I do space. Luckily, we are expanding the garden this year! 

Happy growing!


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