My Chicken Flock Breeds

I wanted to share with you the breeds of chickens we got from my dear friend. These are in no particular order. 

Rhode Island Red lays larger brown eggs.

Buckeye I read that this breed was almost extinct at one point, but thankfully it was brought back, and is popular now. They are also supposed to hunt mice (I'm hoping, because there are mice in the area and it's only a matter of time before they check out the coop.) Lays medium brown eggs. 

Lavender Orpingtons 
Both the hen and the rooster. Lays medium to large light brown eggs.

Black Australorp known to be escape artists, yep ours has gotten out a few times already. She's usually close to the coop though. Lays brown eggs. 

Silver Laced Wyandotte large brown/tan eggs

Speckled Sussex lay large light brown eggs 

Dark Brahma lays dark brown eggs

Americana Our hen is so chatty (I think she makes more noise than our rooster), definitely not the breed to get if you are looking for quieter chickens. Lays blue eggs.
Blue Buff Columbian Orbington -thats a mouthful. We have 2 and call them thing 1 and thing 2 because they are nearlysq identical. Like the Lavender orpingtons, they also lay light brown eggs. 

Blue Splash Marans lay big dark brown eggs

Easter Egger  A cross breed that can lay blue, pink or green, depending on the mix. I think mine lay pink and blue. I have 2 and they have different coloring

Note: Some of these I had to identify myself, so if you think I'm wrong on one, let me know :)


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