My seedlings are like Harry Potter- living in a closet, under the stairs

I got ambitious in my seed starting, and now minus a few things I will direct sow, basically my whole garden is taking over a storage closet in my laundry room. 

First I bought a single grow light from Amazon. That will be all I will need. I'm only going to start a few seeds. I lied to myself. 

Next thing you know, I'm buying a second, then third, and at this point, I probably should be getting a fourth, but I'm trying to get them out in natural light as much as I can, so as long as it's nice out, my plants are out. I am constantly moving 4 trays and a big pot in and out, depending on the weather.
I got different light colors as an experiment, but I am not seeing a difference in my plants. 

By now, the more pricy options that had multiple lights would have been a cheaper option to start with. Oh well, my plants are growing still.

One day last week, we woke up to a couple inches of snow, so all my plants are inside and my husband walks into say something to me and says "we really need to find you a better space. Yes! Maybe a greenhouse? But he already knows that's what I want, and we are in the midst of building a chicken coop, so I don't want to overwhelm him with my dreams. 

I definitely planted my green dragon burpless cucumbers and green zucchini way too early. I will probably be doing a second sowing of those, so I will have a second harvest, or have a second chance if those pesky squash beetles make a return this year. 

Grow in the space you have. It may not be as glamourous as a greenhouse, this storage closet sure isn't, but that's not not gonna stop me from doing what I love- growing.


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