Seed Orders

Its that time of year... A time of hope and promise for the growing season. 

Here in Ohio, there is snow in the 10 day forecast, but it was in the 70s yesterday, which makes it hard not to want to get out and work in the garden. 

I created a seed starting space inside using a bakers rack and 3 led panels I got off amazon for about $20 each. I'm outgrowing that space. 

I usually stick to vegetables, but last year, threw some herb seeds in the ground. Only had Dill and Cilantro sprout, and they were abundant. 

This year, I decided to start my herbs indoors, and I dove in with trying to seed starting. In years past, I went to the Mennonites to purchase starts. I love taking a day with my mom to visit their greenhouses. I still plan to purchase a few things from them, but there is so much joy and accomplishment from starting seeds yourself. Not to mention the added bonuses of saving money and getting varieties not found near you.

My grandparents passed on their seed collection to me, so I had a pretty good start to begin with(and I'm thinking they were given a collection also, because there were a few things, such as Okra, that I don't think they have ever grown)

But of course, there are a few things I needed to add to my seed collection, So I started shopping.

I ended up placing orders from 3 places, and got my beans, peas and onion starts from a local nursery. Watching my favorite youtubers, such as Roots & Refuge, added to my order also.

One of several baker creek orders. 

Baker Creek ( 

  • Mexican Sour Gherkins (Cucamelons) - I've never had these before, but I was intrigued by Jess at R&R. All reviews of these recommend trellising. 
  • Purple Basil- I love the idea of intermixing some color in the garden, and I know of a few people who dry several varieties of basil to mix together for a great cooking mix, and want to make my own mix.

  • Cherokee Purple Tomato - I've only ever grown Red tomatoes, from plant starts.
  • Cour Di Bue Tomato- This is an Italian Oxheart tomato variety, another new one I wanted to try
  • Barry's Crazy Cherry Tomato- Am told these are a great variety and had to give them a go.
  • Brocade Mix Marigold- Marigolds are a flower many people have in their garden for their benefits of detering some of the bad bugs, and attracting pollinators. Deer dont like Marigolds, so if you have deer that like to stop for a snack, planting marigolds may help
  • Snow Princess Calendula- Calendulas have a sticky sap stem, which is supposed to trap aphids. I'm all for planting anything that can help me fight the aphids, and the flowers will attract pollinators 
  • Chinese Red Meat Radish (watermelon radish-for their color)-This one intrigued me. Had to try it!
  • Apricot Lemonade Cosmos- I love the color of these and plan to plant cosmos around the house this year
  • Red Malabar Spinach- This is another one that Jess at Roots & Refuge had on her cattle panel arches that I love the look of and I am putting up cattle panel arches this year and had to try it!
  • Autumn Beauty Sunflower- I am a sucker for sunflowers. I am always adding a pack of sunflowers to my order.

  • Lemon Basil- I love lemon basil, have grown it in the past, and needed more seed.

  • Iceberg Lettuce -my husband requested this one. He wanted to try growing head lettuce.

  • Dwarf White Sugar Snow Pea- snow peas are a great pea to eat fresh, put in a salad or stir fry. I wanted dwarf so they wouldn't grow as tall as pole variety since they will we on a fence, instead of the arch.

  • Connecticut field pumpkin- a great carving pumpkin

  • Garlic Chives- This is my first year growing chives, I usually use onion greens in place of chives. I have been told these can be invasive if not kept up on.

  • Echinacea- Purple Coneflower- a great flower that bees and butterflies love.

The Rusted Gardener (I needed a few seed trays/cells so of course, added a few seeds.)
  • Beefsteak Tomatoes (my in-laws put some of these in my garden when we were gardening together a few years ago and they were a great compliment to the other tomatoes I was growing.)

  • Genevieve Basil (another Basil variety for my mix)


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