Tulip Troubles

Last fall, I bought tulip bulbs from Holland bulb farm and mixed them up and scattered them along the flowerbed up against the house. 
Now, they are blooming and I love them, but realized I want to get some pink bulbs to fill in some open spots. But of course, you cant get bulbs until September and it's only April, so how will I remember where I wanted to plant the bulbs by then?

The crafty side of me chimed in and I grabbed a dozen river rocks from the rock garden and painted one side pink. (I know they come in packs of 10 or 12)

Then I placed them in the flowerbed where I want to plant the pink tulips. 
Now I'm hoping the paint doesn't wear ff and my toddler doesn't find them 😂
But I have a chance at putting those bulbs where I want them now!


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