Choose your Battles

Hey everyone,

I have a black australorp hen, and if you have owned this breed, you wonder why they weren't named Houdinis. If there's a way out, they will find it. But mine sticks close to the coop, so it's not like she's over on the neighbors property, so I let her go, and she goes back in when shes ready. 

Then, theres the rest of my hens who one by one each try to get out when I'm filling their feed and water or cleaning. 

My Americauna hen, my hubby named Jukebox because she's chatty (I think she is noisier than our rooster) escaped while I was cleaning the coop. I was going to go out and shoo her back in, but she was over by the tree, where I cant mow and have to weed whack. She was so happy, eating grass and scratching away. So, I decided to leave her for a couple hours. 

They already mowed down their grass and I'm looking into inexpensive options to  gate off the back of my garden where I didn't get enough ground cover and the weeds are already popping up for them to work. It would make my life easier and they would love it. 

I use ground cover because I work 40+ hrs a week and don't have all the time I would love to have working in the garden. 

I mulch my flowerbeds to also help combat weeds. I love to plant low maintenance flowers so I can focus my time in the vegetable garden. 

Pick your battles. If you have time to weed all day, great, but even if you do, do you really want to spend all day weeding if you don't have to? Sure, it may take some time and money now to put in all that weed prevention, but I am so happy  when those hot summer days come and my weeding is at a minimum. 


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