How I store my Seed Collection

Hey friends, 

If your like I was, you probably have an unorganized box or bag you are constantly spreading out across your kitchen table every time you want to check your inventory as you are planning your garden or starting to plant. I quickly realized I needed a better system. So I started looking online, and I found this great method that I utilize now.
The first is the binder method. 
I went on amazon and got some 4x6 photo pages for an old binder I had laying around and put my seed packets in those photo slots. I actually have 3 binders- vegetables, herbs and flowers. You can separate them out any way you want, and could always add note pages right with your seeds
That method works well for most seeds, but for larger seeds & those I buy in bulk, like beans, peas, and corn, not so much.  For those, I have a box with a lid that my sister in law covered in pretty paper that sits on the shelf next to the binders. 

I have seen other people who use those photo storage boxes where you can put multiple packs together in each 4x6 box, and I liked the idea in theory and tried that, but realized that wasn't going to work for my brain. 

You have to figure out what storage method is going to work for you.

Happy Planting! 


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