I jumped on the Cattle Panel Arch Trellis wagon

Hey everyone!
Yesterday was a beautiful warm day here in northern Ohio. (Hope it was were you are too!)
I've been watching Roots & Refuge on YouTube and Jess always has these beautiful cattle panel arches in her garden and I got to thinking. My parents took their cattle panels down a couple years ago & my dad doesn't like to trash much. I wonder if they still have them and if they would give them to me. 

Yep, they had them. I just had to pull them out of the weeds. I rounded up a few t posts and I had my arches. 

My original plan was to set them up parallel to the house going straight back, but when we went to put one up, I thought it would be fun to angle them slightly to go back to our chicken coop. (Our property is almost a triangle anyways)

We put down 2 lines of twine anchored with rocks and put in 2 t posts on each side of the cattle panel. Then we used wire to attach the cattle panel to the t post. 
Both roots and refuge and whispering willow farms have great YouTube videos on how to put up these cattle panel arches if you are interested.

My toddler already loves to run through them before they are even planted!

I planted blue lake pole beans on the front two arches. (One each vertical spoke touching the ground) The middle arch I am going to plant cucumbers on one side and Mexican sour gherkins (aka cukamelons) on the other.  The 4th I planted little marvel peas, and the last, sugar snap peas.  

I cut an x into the ground cover at each spot I wanted plant.
The ground is pretty soft from tilling and the rain earlier in the week, so I used used a junk pen to poke a hole, dropped a seed in and covered. 
I also put in my first row: onions, Chinese red meat (watermelon) raddishes, and kale.

I'll be doing a little bit of planting every evening as long as the weather is decent.
Looking at the 10 day forecastof course. We still have some nights that are supposed to be in the 40s so I cant plant things like peppers gets, but there's plenty else I can plant! I'm going to the mennonite greenhouses on Saturday, so look for that upcoming post too! 

Hope you got a chance to plant today!


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