My garden is a beautiful mess!

Hey everyone, 

If your like me, then you probably have plants you forgot to label, say "I'll remember what I planted" and never do. Or you have some small fingers who like to "correct" your labels for you and swap them so you dont know what's what. 

I've accepted that my tomatoes are intermingled instead of sorted by variety. I have Zucchini and cucumbers mixed. There is a kale I had labeled as broccoli. 

My garden is a beautiful mess this year, but I'm happy to be growing, and I am sprinkling in some flowers this year also. 
I am giving myself grace and knowing while it's not going how I initially planned, I'm still growing food, and that's always the goal, so it's still a success! 

Get out and plant some food today, and if you have kids, let them help. Its gonna be messy, but it will teach you as much as it teaches them.
Happy Planting!


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