Planting Strawberries

Hey Everyone! 

If you read my post yesterday, you already know I got some bare root strawberries from the master gardeners sale the other day. So of course we are planting them today!

Now it's late to be planting June bearing strawberries, as most of them are flowering or even starting to produce. As heartbreaking as it is, its important to pinch off those first flowers and fruits. 

You just take your fingernails and pinch them off at their stems. 

Doing this will allow the plant to focus its energy on establishing its roots and will provide better fruit in the future. 

If I were to leave these go, they would have produced small fruit as the plant is strained to try to do do high energy jobs at once: growing roots and producing fruit. So its best to let the plant do one at a time.  

Hope you have something lovely to plant (or even harvest if your somewhere warmer) today!


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