The local Master Gardeners plant sale

Yesterday was the local master gardeners plant sale. They have everything from house plants to perennials, and its all by donation (this is the one thing I would critique. It would be better for first time goers to put up suggested donation signs. I based my donation on what I paid at the greenhouses, so I suggest visiting a few first if your area works the same way.)

The master gardeners were spread out throughout the sale and are very knowledgeable. I have a master gardener friend who I have asked many questions. He also keeps me informed of diseases or pests coming into the area. 

I got 1st year strawberries that came from the local hospital community garden (I didnt even realize they had a community garden there. Will have to check it out!) 

A Daylily, Columbine, Lambs ear (mom used to have some at the house until it got mowed. I loved how soft it is! It will be great for my toddler, as long as she let's it grow.) A couple gerber daisies and a couple 3 packs of petunias. 

They also had goodie bags filled with seed packets. They get the seed packet that the stores would have to throw out because they are past their sell date. (All that really means is plant a few extra seeds as germination may not be as high. This is how stores ensure they aren't selling old seeds that wont germinate.)

I can't wait to get these plants in the ground! Hope you have something lovely to plant today too!


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