whats going on here on the homestead

Hey everyone!
Its been about a week since I posted last, and I plan to get a garden update posted soon, but I figured I'd give you an update on what we are working on. 

Chickens: so I'm realizing that the layer pellets alone do not have what my chickens need. My friends go to is a flock block (a brick of various seeds and nutrients) but they are kinda expensive for what they are. I remember when I was taking care of the neighbors poultry that he had a grain mixture,  so I went over to pick his brain. He mixes it himself. He said he has left layer pellets in the mix, and it's the last thing they eat, so hes phasing them out. He told me he buys in 40lb bags when on sale. So I took what he told me and started looking online at what chickens need in their diet and started pricing that out at the local feed stores. I'll let you all know what works for my chickens when I get a little further along. 

We are working on landscaping the front of our house. My husband is planning a water feature. My goal is to get something in there my dog wont destroy.

My husband got his dads fishing boat over the weekend, so hopefully we can get some lake perch soon!

Bees- have seen plenty of them in the yard, but noone has checked out the bait hive yet. My grandpa thinks he may have a hive that moved into his though. I help out with his bees. 
The Orioles and hummingbirds are here! I love watching them so much! I put sugar water out and slice up oranges for the Orioles. I know some people put out jelly, but this works for me, and they love it! 

I went over to see my grandma over the weekend and her wisteria is in bloom and it's so beautiful! (But also note it's in her gutters and that's a mess we will tackle after it's done blooming) I would love to put some wisteria on an arch someday.Well, that's all for now! My garden is looking alive and I cant wait to share it with you tomorrow! 


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