Heat and Hard Work!

This weekend its blazing hot for northern Ohio. 84°F today and 90s predicted tomorrow and Sunday. So what project do I decide to start on Friday night? Digging up sod for a fire pit, and of course, theres no shade. 
As I'm digging on this I think about the last sod digging project and laughed. It was the rose flowerbed out front. We dug that on a 90 degree weekend. I must be a glutton for hard work. But I guess that motivates me to get it done quicker. Dont worry, I take plenty of breaks in the shade with a cool drink. 

The chickens are loving it as they are getting every grub I come across. Chicken treats! (Less grubs means less moles, and that's definitely an issue I'm trying to remedy here.)

We have big plans for this fire pit, but a small budget, so a dug out pit will start us off. And we will continue when we have the funding. A roof takes priority and that's this years big project. 

I'm looking forward to evenings sitting around this fire!


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